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Tyden Rickard, Lead Creator

"T. Rickard Productions strives for the utmost quality in all media production. In developing the company, we wanted to set new standards for quality of work, putting both content and simplicity at the forefront of the focus. We craft every detail from pre-production to publication with creativity as an essential element to the process. It is only when the client is exceedingly proud of the results when a project is complete. "

The Process


To start each project, a meeting is set up with the client to brainstorm ideas for their dream results. The Production and Post-Production phases simply exist to realize that dream. All aspects of the project from start to finish are designed and conformed to the client's flexibility to make the process seamless and unintrusive. 


The Production process is the most crucial and hands-on part of the project. This is when the footage is captured, or the media is produced in the case of web design. To capture video, T. Rickard Productions utilizes an array of high-quality equipment such as HD and shallow depth of field cameras, drones, microphones, lighting kits, stabilizers, and various other components to achieve a high standard of production.

Post Production is the culmination of the preceding two phases. A combination of Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5 softwares are employed to create the finished product. An intensive process of story-boarding, cutting, layering, animating, and polishing is applied to all media captured in the Production phase to bring the once-dream to life, finalizing and completing the project.

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